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Soft Washing V. S. Pressure Washing

For years home owners had few choices when it came to cleaning their homes exterior. First there was the labor intensive process of mixing soap and water in a bucket then applying and scrubbing with a brush. This method took time and let's be honest it was only as good as the effort put into the brush.

Next came the pressure washer. More often then not buying this equipment was not a smart choice. Buy it today use it tomorrow and then stick it in the corner of the garage or shop to collect dust till the next time, which came to only find out the hoses had dry rotted or the pump seized rendering it useless. Wait you can rent a pressure washer you say? Sure, spend a day going down to the home improvement store to lug it back home and get set up. Then it's a matter of working as fast as you can to get done so you can get it back to the store to limit the rental fees.

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