Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services 

for Lafayette Area Businesses


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Pressure Washing & Soft Wash Services:


  • Pressure Wash Walkways & Entranceways

  • Soft Wash Awnings & Canopies

  • Soft Wash Building Exteriors & Roofs

  • Power Wash Drive Thru & Parking Spaces

  • Kleen and Sanitize Shopping Carts

  • Dumpster Pads

Commercial Businesses We Clean:

  • Convenience Stores

  • Restaurant’s & Retail Locations

  • Office Buildings

  • Medical & Residence Facilities

  • Day Cares & Public Play Areas

  • Hotels & Apartment Complexes

  • Public Venues & Sports Complexes 

Effective yet Gentle Cleaning Solutions

Our custom cleaning and pressure washing equipment is leading edge, state of the art and has been designed and packaged to maximize effectiveness. All of our cleaning solutions are purposely selected and formulated to achieve maximum cleaning, but they are as eco-friendly as possible. 
Big & Small Business Cleaning
Big & Small Business Cleaning
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Customer Walkways
Customer Walkways
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Entrance Cleaning
Entrance Cleaning
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