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pressure washing lafayette la

Pressure Washing Lafayette LA & Soft Wash Services 


Professional Pressure Washing

There are some situations where the use of high-pressure, high-velocity water is required. On new home builds the use of pressure washing can be used to dislocate excess grout from the exterior of a home. Power washing, the use of heated high-pressure high-velocity water, is effective on cleaning hard surfaces to remove grease, oil stains, paint, or other gum-like substances. These methods can cause damage and should only be used by highly skilled, well-trained professionals like us. Rent or buy a pressure washer at your own risk. Some home insurance policies have exclusions regarding "oops did I do that." Before hiring someone who does pressure washing on the side please make sure they are qualified and insured. We'll gladly show you our current insurance policy and answer any questions you might have allowing you to make a better decision.

Specialized Outdoor Cleaning Services

Are you having or have you had a get together at your house, we can help. Whether it be patio furniture, tables and chairs, or even that tree house or play-set for the kids we can clean and sanitize it all before and after special events. Had a pool party that went wild, Acadiana Hydro Kleen can steam clean and sanitize it away. Spilled drinks, food stains, chewing gum, or who knows what else are no match.

Your property is a reflection of your hard work and efforts. Because it's important to you, it's important to us. Let's talk about how Acadiana Hydro Kleen can help shine it back up.
To request a free on-site consultation call 337-247-5689 or submit an online contact request today.


Soft Washing for Roof Cleaning

Each part of your home has different cleaning needs. For example, your roof may have dark spots or streaks. Those black spots discoloring your asphalt roof are more than likely the pervasive and prevalent algae known as Gloecapsa Magma. According to Tom Bollnow of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), “The algae is mostly an aesthetic nuisance, although with time, the moisture retained in the algae can prematurely age the shingles.” So what's the solution? We're glad you asked, our custom roof cleaning solution is the solution. Using our unique blended, biodegradable, "Roof Juice" and our custom application equipment we will treat and thoroughly clean your roof. Most homes can be cleaned without getting on the roof, this prevents damage to the roof from walking on it and is safer for the technician by reducing the risk of falling. We will not use high pressure or a surface cleaner on your roof, the use of either may actually void the manufactures warranty. Refer to your roof's manufacturer for details. Learn more about Roof Softwashing

Specially Blended House Washing Solutions

Since our "Roof Juice" works so well you might ask us to clean the rest of your house with it. Though it wouldn't harm your house it's not the right solution for that. Depending on your home's exterior we have a specially blended cleaning solution just for it. Whether it's brick, stucco, vinyl/metal siding or wood we have a "Rémoulade" just for it. All cleaning solutions are Bio Degradable, mixed to maximize cleaning but strength limited to prevent damage to your home and the environment. Simply put our solutions will get the job done but won’t be a danger to your home, your landscaping, your pets, nor your children.

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