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CUSTOMER BILL OF RIGHTS - Our Commitment to You Our Customers

Did you know your rights as a consumer is defined by a bill known as the Consumer Bill of Rights? This bill grants consumer protection by referring to various rights. Not only does the Consumer Bill of Rights afford protection to the consumer but also ensures their safety within the parameters of the law.

The Consumer Bill of Rights helps the consumer to make informed choices without being misled or mistreated. This works both ways, ensuring businesses follow the requirements necessary for consumer protection.

This bill clearly states every consumer has the right to be properly informed, the right to be able to choose, the right to be heard, the right to be safe, the right to have any problems corrected, the right to consumer education and the right to good service.

But how did the Consumer Bill of Rights come about? Read on to find out more about this valuable bill and make sure you’re well informed as a consumer.

What is the Consumer Bill of Rights?

The Consumer Bill of Rights first came about when President John F. Kennedy announced on March 15, 1962 the four basic rights of the consumer. These were soon to become known as the Consumer Bill of Rights.

These four basic rights were described as follows:

  • The right to safety: This ensures the consumer is safe when using any product. The intention is to protect the consumer against any injury or harm (automobile vehicles are excused from this right, by the way) when using a commercial product. In 1972 the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was established to formalize performance and testing requirements of products.

  • The right to be informed: This gives the consumer access to all the information they need to know to make an informed and intelligent decision about a product. Several legislation laws passed between 1960 and 1980 protect this right to be informed.

  • The right to choose: This right allows the consumer to have a wide range of product options available from different companies. This encourages healthy competition and gives the consumer free choice when picking a product.

  • The right to be heard: A consumer should feel free to voice any concerns or complaints about a product and to be heard fairly by the supplier or manufacturer. This right extends to being able to take a complaint further and be heard in court.

In 1985, through the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection, a further four more rights were added to the original Consumer Bill of Rights.

Four More Consumer Rights Added to the Bill

The Consumer Bill of Rights, as it stands today, is made up of the four original rights decreed by President John Kennedy in 1962 plus the additional four below announced by the United Nations in 1985:

  • The right to satisfaction of basic needs: Every person has the right to basic essentials whether it’s food, health services, housing and shelter, education, sanitation and water, public utilities or clothing.

  • The right to redress: This gives the consumer fair and reasonable opportunity to claims and compensation for bad service, product defaults or misrepresentation.

  • The right to consumer education: Access to information which will enhance the knowledge and skills of every consumer when deciding on a product or service means they’ll make an informed choice with confidence.

  • The right to a healthy environment: Every person has the right to live and work in an environment that is safe and healthy for them and the generations to follow them.

The Development of Acadiana Hydro Kleen’s "Customer Bill of Rights"

At Acadiana Hydro Kleen we take our business very seriously. Even more so, we take our customers seriously. How do we do this? By making sure our customers get the professional cleaning service they booked with us. Plus, we strive to give the best advice and support when it comes your exterior cleaning needs whether for your home or commercial property needs.

But, after some brainstorming with the team we decided it would be great to implement our very own Customer Bill of Rights. Not only does it reflect our commitment to our customers but it shows how serious we are about our cleaning business.

As a business, we’re always striving not only to acknowledge but to adhere by the Consumer Bill of Rights. But, implementing our own Customer Bill of Rights takes our service to a much deeper level of commitment. With this in place, not only is everyone on our team guided by consumer rights. But, so are you, our customer.

You may be asking what exactly is a Customer Bill of Rights? And, doesn’t every company have one? We can’t talk for other businesses. But the more we looked into the Consumer Bill of Rights the more important it felt to have our own Customer Bill of Rights.

By reviewing the Consumer Bill of Rights recognized in this country, we developed our Customer Bill of Rights to cover all these areas. Which means we place high value on your rights as one of our customers.

Without further ado, let’s talk you through Acadiana Hydro Kleen’s "Customer Bill of Rights"

1. You Have the Right to Courteous and Professional Treatment

“We understand choosing a home service provider can be difficult & frustrating to you as a consumer. We pledge and are committed to treating you with the respect & dignity you deserve. We will do our best to value your time. We realize our loyal customers are our most valuable asset & will treat you as such!”

  • Our commitment to you comes from an understanding of how difficult and frustrating it can get trying to find the best home service provider.

  • We value every person who comes to us and as such will treat you with dignity and respect.

  • We also know time is money so we promise not to waste yours.

Loyal customers are a business’s most valuable asset. We don’t only recognize this but we place HUGE value on it.

2. You Have the Right to Honesty and Fairness

“We pledge to always give you clear & accurate information 100% of the time. We will answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability in a straightforward & concise manner without evasiveness or deception.”

  • We take fair representation very seriously. By ensuring you get all the facts in a clear and concise manner, you can be sure you’ll be well-informed to make the right decision.

This means we keep it straight, true and honest. That’s our commitment to every customer who deals with us.

3. You Have the Right to Expect Value for Your Money

“We pledge to always price our products and services fairly & competitively. We promise that the value of our products and services will be equal to or exceed the price that you pay. You always have the right to decide what products or services you want to purchase & you will not be pressured into making a decision.”

  • Everyone’s money is valuable. And when you spend it you want to know you’re spending it wisely while getting the best value back.

  • At Acadiana Hydro Kleen emphasis is placed on giving our customers high-quality products and services. In this way, you know you’re getting value for your money.

  • Plus, we price our products and services fairly while still being competitive.

Under no circumstances should a customer feel pressurized to buy a product or service. So, we leave it in the hands of our customers to choose what is best for them.

4. You Have the Right to be Free From Excessive and Tiresome Haggling

“We understand negotiating is frustrating & tiresome. While our prices may be negotiable, we pledge that we will not artificially increase our prices just to be in a better position to negotiate or offer discounts. We pledge to work with you in a direct & upfront manner to arrive at a mutually agreeable price as quickly as possible.”

  • When a business offers negotiable prices, you may wonder if you’re in for some uncomfortable haggling. Which is why we felt it was important to include this right in our Customer Bill of Rights.

  • We want to give you (and us) the flexibility of adjusting prices BUT we don’t want you feeling cheated.

Our prices are never artificially increased to allow for negotiations. Rather, we talk straight and upfront and expect the same from our customers. In this way, we can negotiate fairly and quickly, giving you the best deal possible.

5. You Have the Right to Full Disclosure

“You have the right to have your questions or concerns answered in a clear and concise manner. We pledge to answer any questions you have regarding our services, price, payment, & quality expectations before you purchase. You will always receive copies of any documentation you sign.”

  • How can we expect our customers to make an informed and confident decision if they’re not presented with all the facts?

  • By answering your questions as clearly and as fully as possible we hope to give you the knowledge you need to make the right choice.

This includes not holding back on any information about our services, the products we use, payment procedures and the prices we charge. We tell you what kind of quality you can expect from us without blowing it out of proportion. And, you’ll receive all documentation signed by yourself.

6. You Have the Right to Speak Directly With the Senior Management

“In the event of any issues arising, we pledge to always be available to assist you with your concerns. We want to keep the lines of communication open at all times with our customers. If any issue does arise, be assured we will listen to your concerns, and do our best to reach a timely & satisfactory outcome.”

  • Every business who is serious about customer service makes sure their whole team is on board. It’s no different with us.

  • We ensure our whole team is able to uphold the standard of our company.

  • However, at times, a customer may want to be heard by senior management should they have a complaint or concern.

At Acadiana Hydro Kleen, our senior management is always available to assist our customers. We like to know what’s happening on the ground at all times. So, keeping in touch with our customers is vital. Our line of communication is kept open at all times and we strive to reach a satisfactory outcome with our customers whenever a problem arises.

7. You Have the Right to World Class Customer Service

“Our objective is to always provide the best possible service in everything we do. We understand our loyal customers have made us the #1 exterior cleaning service provider in Acadiana. Our lifeblood is our repeat & referral business, and is therefore deserving of the highest level of customer service available of any home service provider anywhere!”

· Every customer has the right to feel like they’re being noticed, heard and acknowledged. When your specific needs are being heard, you can be sure you’ll get the service you want.

· A business should be able to listen and hear what their customer wants and we go out of our way to hear our customers. And, then provide the service they want and expect.

By acknowledging our business is what it is today because of our loyal customers, we make sure you get the best service possible – every time. We also know our business grows because of our loyal customers. Without their referrals and recommendations to friends and family, we would not be voted as the #1 exterior cleaning service provider in Acadiana.

A Final Word – Our Commitment to You as Our Customer

The key to consumer education is understanding all the rights laid out in the Consumer Bill of Rights. When dealing with a company that goes above and beyond, you can have peace of mind your rights are being recognized.

With our Customer Bill of Rights, we’re doing exactly that and more. We’re not only talking here but we’re putting our words into action and writing. Which is why we’ve taking the step of developing our own Customer Bill of Rights for Acadiana Hydro Kleen.

Read our Customer Bill of Rights so you’re fully informed about your rights while being better placed to making the right choice when picking a home service provider. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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