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To Sanitize or Not to Sanitize…

At this stage is that even a question deserving an answer? We’ve been inundated with news about the importance of sanitizing our hands and surfaces since the onset and throughout the progression of the Covid-19 virus.

Social media as well as mainstream news channels have been warning people non-stop about the danger of NOT sanitizing. We’ve all learned so much over these last couple of weeks about infection control and sanitation. But do we know enough?

It’s clear as daylight we live in dangerous times where a small virus such as the Coronavirus can cause so much havoc in the world. The good news is that there are simple ways of combating the spread of the virus by following some good hygiene principles.

Let’s start with the fundamental principles regarding sanitation and what it means for ordinary folks.

The Difference between Sanitizing and Disinfecting

If you thought these two terms were synonyms, you’re not alone. Most people assume they have the same meaning but there’s a significant difference between the two. Here’s what we mean:

- Sanitization: When you’re sanitizing an area in your house or a part of your body you’re reducing the number of bacteria on that spot. If you’re using a strong sanitizer it works rapidly and can kill or reduce germs within 30 seconds. Keep in mind it doesn’t completely eliminate all the bacteria it merely reduces it.

- Disinfection: Disinfecting an area eliminates all the bacteria but takes more time to accomplish. Disinfecting happens mostly in hospitals as the goal isn’t to reduce germs but to completely destroy them. Sanitizing makes contact with people and surfaces safer whereas disinfection makes it 100% free of any bacteria or virus. There are strict rules governing disinfection as the chemicals are more potent and need a longer time to set in.

Areas That Should be Sanitized

We should all do our bit to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus and keep our living & workspaces spotless. Normal cleaning with common household detergents won’t do the trick unfortunately and this is where expert cleaning by Acadiana Hydro Kleen comes into play. We can clean and sanitize using our commercial grade solutions, and high temperature pressure cleaning on these key areas:

- Children’s play areas outside

- High traffic areas leading to your home or office

- Your dumpster pads

- Drive thru, parking areas, and sidewalks

- Hand and guard rails

Sanitation Frequency

On a personal level you should try your best to sanitize your hands every time you come into contact with a surface or person as viruses and bacteria are spread through touching. Remember, we’re in the middle of a pandemic which demands we sanitize more frequently.

During normal (safer) times when we’re not fighting a pandemic the frequency can decrease. When its normal flu season for instance you can clean commonly touched surfaces twice a week. Some hotspots that require daily cleaning are:

- Toilets

- Telephones

- Handles

- Countertops

- Tables

- Computer and laptop keyboards

- Light switches

Sanitizing Outside Areas

It’s not practical to try to sanitize larger areas such as your wooden deck or children’s play area with only household disinfectants. The chemicals and equipment used for outside cleaning are specialized & designed to remove all dirt particles more effectively.

Acadiana Hydro Kleen specializes in commercial and residential cleaning. We use a special formula that’s strong enough to remove tough dirt but safe enough for your pets and children to be around. Here are some more services we provide that can be helpful during this breakout season.

We Do Pressure Washing

Some surfaces require high velocity water pressure to remove stubborn grime and dirt. We apply heat to the water flow to ensure that as we clean we also sanitize the area. Because pressure washing is such a delicate task it requires only a trained professional to execute.

A lot can go wrong if you do it yourself. Your home insurance might not cover damages caused due to negligence. We are fully insured and have the expertise to get the job done right.

We Sanitize Your Outdoor Areas

Being stuck at home to protect yourself and others from contracting the virus is challenging, right? Especially if you have kids to keep busy. If you have an outdoor play area for the kids, that’s ideal to keep them entertained for hours.

But before you send them to the backyard to play call Acadiana Hydro Kleen to sanitize the play area and outdoor furniture first. We’ll steam clean all the surfaces for your safety. Our sanitation services are aligned with the WHO and CDC’s sanitation processes.

We Do Soft Washing

We use a specially formulated biodegradable formula to soft wash your roof. This protects it against aging and unsightly dark spots. Our unique blend doesn’t simply clean your roof but also offers superior protection against common types of damages.

We Do House Washing

The outside of your house also needs a good clean. There are plenty of fungi, dirt and other substances that cling to your house’s exterior. This is dangerous if you have pets or kids touching those surfaces.

Doing a house wash will prevent the build-up of bacteria and dirt & make it safer for everyone. Ditch the paint and rather give your house a proper clean & see the difference. The difference is a safer environment and beautiful house.


It’s not a matter of “should I sanitize or not?” at this stage. It’s how often you ought to. We all have to do our bit to make this world a safer place again. You can start with giving your house a professional clean.

The Covid-19 virus has highlighted the importance of living in cleaner spaces and creating a world where infections don’t spread as easily. We’re not powerless in this battle but have sufficient resources to fight this pandemic and change the way we live.

Give Acadiana Hydro Kleen a call today to find out how we can make your home a safer and cleaner space. We come to your home to do a free survey first to quote you fairly. Special precautions are taken during this breakout period so rest assure we have your safety in mind with all we do

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